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About The Afro International Film Market & Festival

Afro International Film Market and Festival is aimed to embrace the culture and tradition in a diversifying way. It is targeted to promote Africa by strengthening the links between culture, Traditions and communities. One of its primary objectives is to bring indigenous filmmakers and viewers together on a platform that discusses societal issues and film history.
Afro International Film Market and Festival is on a mission to create, produce, and market unique African content to the rest of the world. However, this gives the audience an insight into what the African Film Market is about.

We want the world to see what Africa is all about. Thus, a
significant reason why this Film Festival has been created.

The Afro International Film Market and Festival (AIFMF) is
managed under license by “Arise and Build Nigeria Development Initiative” as a franchise of the long established Cape Town International Film Market and Festival operates under the name of AIFMF in Nigeria. ( Afro International Film Market and Festival).

More than 800 films have been submitted to our illustrious film market during our storied existence. With a total of
approximately 200 movies exhibited over ten days, we screened the most extensive range of films of any international film festival—and possibly the largest in Africa.

Conclusively, The Afro-international film market and festival
may anticipate equal to better levels of participation because attention has been focused on the African Film Industry, given the success of Black Panther, The Woman King, Queen of Katwe, Coming to America, and many others.


Our mission is to facilitate interaction between African and other cultures and to advance intercultural understanding by showcasing movies that portray Africa’s rich history and realities.


Our vision is to highlight the diversity of African cinema and give African filmmakers a platform to share their work with a larger audience.


Our value is to showcase and expose the African culture and talents by bringing together filmmakers, emerging actors, and actresses to promote the African Film Culture and Industry through their lenses.

Chief Jasper Johnson

Our Founder

His Highness Chief Jasper Johnson is a Nigerian national with a heart of gold. Born and raised in Port Harcourt, River state of Nigeria.

He is a graduate of political science from the prestigious university of Abuja. Having worked with the Presidency of Dr. Ebele Goodluck Johnathan as strategic youth adviser, the position brought enomous interactions with nigerian youths in Nigeria and Diaspora, especially youths in the entertainment industry. He then saw the need to establish the afro international film market and festival in partnership with the long established Cape Town International Film Market and Festival in other to bridge the gap in the industry as well as connect nollywood and the african film industry to Hollywood and other global brands.

Our Experienced Team

Chief Jasper Johnson

Chief Jasper Johnson

Founder & Executive Chairman

Miguel Nunez Jnr.

Director of Festival & Events

Amb. Emeka Ike

Creative Resources Director

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